Monday, January 7, 2008

Press Herald endorses Obama

If the campaign he has run so far is any indication, however, he has no problem listening to those who know more than he does. Sometimes the ability to learn quickly can be more valuable than hands-on experience.

Obama is running against a strong and well-financed field in the Democratic party this year.

Sen. Hillary Clinton is offering the nation another historic first, the chance to vote for the first woman presidental nominee. Clinton is a formidable politician who knows as well as anyone about what it takes to translate ideas into results.

Clinton`s supporters say her experience makes her a sure- thing, ready to lead on her first day in office. But she will never be able to heal the political divide because she played too big a role in its creation.
- PressHerald

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trailman said...

Once Cousin Kerry endorsed him didn't you begin to see the writing on the wall?