Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is this real estate agent lying??

Working Class Schlep points out this "new" listing of a house in Falmouth. The problem is that it was listed previously under a different MLS number (857584).

Here is a capture of the listing, which indicates "New this week:" with the new MLS number (878592)

And the old listing (MLS 857584):

From my experience as a former home owner, I recall this was not a legitimate practice. It is done because if a house sits on the market too long, people will not want to look at it because they will just assume there is something wrong with it. But if it is a "new" listing, then people may go and see it.

Here is the listing agent: Jay Weinberg

I'm emailing him for an explanation, stay tuned....

Here is his response:
"Hello Mr Teel,The reason is we didn’t get it relisted before it expired so it goes in as new simple as that."

A convenient excuse, if you ask me. The rest of his email was a pitch for using an agent - but why would I want an agent that does not stay on top of things?

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Working Class Schlep said...

He's also the guy that does these updates. You gotta wonder...

I'll post a link to this in my blog!