Saturday, April 26, 2008

Drunk and obnoxious people in Portland? No...

I thought Peaks Island's slogan was Give me your drunk, your rude, Your stumbling masses yearning to dance freely.
"Since its launch in 1992, the Reggae Sunday series on Peaks Island has become one of Portland's biggest summer attractions, prompting hundreds of revelers to pile onto boats and ferries for an afternoon of dancing and drinking.

It's also a magnet for litter, public nudity, suspected drug use and overcrowded boats -- including some piloted by drunken operators -- that clog up island waterways, according to harbor commissioners who want more help policing the waters during the events."
In an April 23 report to the City Council, the harbor master recorded various violations that he said took place at or near Jones Landing on Reggae Sundays last year, including five incidents of people operating boats under the influence; four incidents of public nudity on boats; three incidents of boats overloaded with people without the proper protective gear; and one incident of suspected drug use on a boat.

Of course the comments are always more intertaining- Portland Press Herald

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