Friday, June 6, 2008

White is the New Yellow (Bike)

The nonprofit White Bike program, which kicks off next week, is a reincarnation of the similar Yellow Bike project that was launched in 1996 in Portland but soon withered away.

On Monday, White Bike organizers plan to place about seven donated bikes at downtown locations. They'll consist of various models, including 10-speeds and mountain bikes, and will carry clipped-on signs identifying them as free for use by the public.

'If you see a white bike, pick it up and ride it. The purpose of the White Bike initiative is to provide an alternate means of transportation and create an opportunity for the community to learn more about the facts and talk about the issues,' says John Rooks, president of Dwell Creative, a public relations design firm in Portland that helped organize White Bike.

Unlike the yellow bikes that were left unlocked, the white bikes will be equipped with combination locks whose code is posted at
- Portland Press Herald

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GeologyJoe said...

August 22, 2008: I have not seen a white bike since the day after the launch date.

I fear they were all stolen again.