Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Polling Stations and Skateboard Ban

I caught some of the exciting Council meeting last night on TV, mostly Dave Marshall talking about the response to the polling station cuts. He started off well, and should have kept his speech short before he started rambling on. But anyway, I was a bit surprised to see the skateboard ban passed, though I don't spend much time on that street to see what the problem was. If they really wanted to make an improvement, they should have banned drunk guys without shirts.
the council: Banned skateboarding on the steep stretch of Exchange Street between Middle and Fore streets until the end of this year.

The temporary order takes effect July 31 and is meant to give city officials time to work out a solution to complaints about reckless skateboarding.

Business leaders have said that skaters who slalom down the road pose a danger and make customers uneasy. Skateboarders have said it's unfair to target an entire community for the actions of a few.
- Portland Press Herald

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