Friday, August 8, 2008

Sign Lobby Scores Another One

They get the City Council to pass a law they don't even know the scope of, and which seems to do little but generate more signs, and allows cops to harass more people.
The law applies within 20 feet of the affected areas, making it illegal to smoke on certain stretches of city sidewalks and roadways and the water off East End Beach. (A public beach on the south side of Peaks Island, commonly known as "sandy beach," may also be under the new law's jurisdiction — councilors were not clear exactly what areas are affected by the law they passed.)
Instead, officials hope dozens of new signs placed in and around public playgrounds, playing fields and beaches warning the public of the new law will be effective. It's unclear exactly how many new signs will need to be purchased and installed this summer, but for the ordinance to hold up to a court challenge, precedent suggests a sign must be placed at each entryway to every playground, playing field and beach, at a cost that could reach several thousand dollars, including labor expenses. City spokesperson Nicole Clegg said some of the cost may be covered by Healthy Maine Partnership grant funds.
- The Bollard

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