Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ocean Properties' Revenge?

The Bollard:
"Dory Waxman defeated Portland Mayor Ed Suslovic to win the at-large City Council race today. Unofficial results with nearly all precincts reporting showed her ahead by over 600 votes. And in District 5 (North Deering), Portland School Committee chairman John Coyne handily defeated first-time candidate Naomi Mermin. District 4 (East Deering) City Councilor Cheryl Leeman ran unopposed.

The victories by Coyne and Waxman portend a return to the days when councilors aligned with the Democratic Party establishment in Portland ruled the Council. Maverick Dems like Suslovic and the Green Independents who joined him on several key votes over the past couple of years — like the decision to pursue The Olympia Companies’ proposal for redevelopment of the Maine State Pier over party favorite Ocean Properties — are now back in the minority.

Should Olympia’s negotiations with the city fail to produce an agreement, it’s expected the votes would now be in place to give OP the opportunity to negotiate for the property."

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