Friday, December 12, 2008

Portland v. Portland, cont.

While the debate over food between this Portland and that Portland continues, we can also throw in some beer. Though I'm not sure how they figure we only have four breweries.
#1 Durango, Colorado 4 breweries in 16,007 1 brewery per 4,001
#2 Boulder, Colorado 9 breweries in 93,552 1 brewery per 10,394
#3 Asheville, North Carolina 6 breweries in 73,875 1 brewery per 12,312
#4 Portland, Maine 4 breweries in 62,825 1 brewery per 15,706
#5 Portland, Oregon 30 breweries in 550,396 1 brewery in 18,346


Robert said...

Well --

I've been kvetching about the use of "Portland" in mass communication, and on web sites. So many places only bring up that other Portland when entering in a city name, etc. I even twittered about it ... so funny to see your little site.

Elliott said...

yes, google...

My list of Portland breweries:

Peaks Organic
Casco Bay
Gritty McDuff's

- beer advocate