Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Armed Robbery

Update - Arrest made.

Others! coffee and ice cream shop was held up early today.
"I wanted to report to you that we had an armed robbery at Others! at 12:45 this afternoon. Description was an early-mid 50s white male, thick salt and pepper bushy mustache along with salt and pepper-colored hair. Average build, about 5'-6". Came in by himself quietly, a little odd in behavior, looked around, then purchased a biscotti at the suggestion of the cashier. As she was putting it into a bag, he paid for it with a $5 bill and she gave him his change. At that point, he pulled a handgun out of his jacket, pointed it at her, and instructed our cashier to empty the cash register into the small paper bag that she had just given to him. She emptied the cash drawer that contained a sizable amount of cash. He motioned with the gun to her to lift the tray up for more. He then, ordered her to lie down on the floor and not to call the police, at which point he fled." - PDD

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