Saturday, February 14, 2009

Congress St. Historic District

The City is considering creating a historic district over much of Congress St. from Lincoln Park to Bramhall Square. I would be in support of the idea, as long as it is not too rigidly applied. Opponents argue that the area has done well without it, and that the added expense would deter investors. While you can point to some nice renovations, there are some serious eyesores.

For instance the building where Whitney Art Works is; they did a great job on that, but it was expensive, and if it were to happen today they likely would not have spent the same amount doing it. And then you can look at the building Geno's is in; you have the beautiful Baxter Library, but then there is the Geno's building. Now, I would not want Geno's to have to change, just next time around a building like that (or its later renovations) would reflect the architectural craftsmanship of the neighborhood.

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