Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Phoenix vs. PICNIC

The people who did the PICNIC Music + Arts Festival let us know about the Blissful Revolution.
"Just a quick note to let you know that we won’t be having a Spring Picnic in June. The city approved the application for an almost identical event to be run by Blissful Revolution, which is now run by the Portland Phoenix. Their event is also an indie craft show with indie music in Lincoln Park, where we had Picnic last September.

However, we are on track for Fall Picnic this September, which is going to be even bigger and better than last years! Looking forward to seeing you there!"


coins said...

Hi Elliott - Just curious why you feel the fact that The Blissful Revolution having a show this spring in Lincoln Park somehow puts the Phoenix at odds with the Picnic group. A little background: Blissful has been doing this kind of show in and around Portland since 2004. When the Phoenix began talking with them about getting involved with Blissful early in 2008, the initial plan was to do a late summer/early fall outdoor show, in one of the Portland Parks. While the union of the Phoenix and Blissful was still ongoing, the details of the Picnic group's event came out, so we postponed our planning of a Portland event and instead held a fall event in Biddeford (It's worth noting that the Phoenix promoted the Picnic Festival editorially in print and also posted a call for artists in our "about town" blog"). Not wanting to interfere with the existing success of the Picnic model, we deliberately planned our 2009 Portland event for June, giving a three month separation between the 2 events. After seeing first hand how perfect Lincoln Park is situated for this kind of event, it seemed crazy to do it anywhere else. I'm hard pressed to understand why having one group that promotes & celebrates local artists is a great idea, but having two creates a "vs" atmosphere. For our part, having hosted local craft fairs for the last 5 years, the Blissful Revolution is very happy to see new groups emerge, and will continue to promote & support them.

Elliott said...

"Coins" thanks for the comment.

I do hope that both events survive and prosper. I understand that PICNIC was planning a June festival until Blissful came in and reserved Lincoln Park.

Look, business is business, and competition is a good thing. But if PICNIC was planning two events, but because of Blissful they are only doing one, that puts you at "odds."