Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PMA Biennial Going Up

Edgar Allen Beem takes a look an the upcoming Biennial.
"What these three installations suggest is that contemporary art in the 21st century is about enterprise and industry, creating an experience rather than depicting one. But devoting so much space to three artists in the context of a juried biennial obviously reduced the number of artists who could participate. The only biennial I can recall that was more exclusive than this one was the 1983 Maine Biennial at Colby College Museum of Art, where only 16 artists were included. The very successful DeCordova Annuals (now, apparently a thing of the past), however, often featured only a dozen artists. Of course, the DeCordova Annuals were invitational shows, not juried competitions."

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Anonymous said...

"underwehlmed" would be my response to the PMA 2009 Biennial. With the exception of a few interesting pieces that are engaging and not insulting (one's visual vocabulary)...the works are rather dated, and/or unremarkable. How many more boring, monotonous video pieces must we bear? How many more tride constructions? I think that for the sake of an abstraction the juror/curators made choices that beg to be cohesive, but lack stregnth. For the sake of the body, the head was severed!