Friday, August 14, 2009

Living in the 'Hood

If you read the latest Bollard cover story, The Dark Side of Parkside, you may have noticed I was quoted in it. I did just move to Grant St. with my girlfriend, and we ran into Chris as he was walking the streets researching for the article.

I'll let you know how our 'luck' holds up.

Despite the neighborhood’s tough reputation and the tough economy, people continue to buy and renovate housing in Parkside. Some are restoring triple-deckers from apartments back to three-family units. “Condos on Sherman Street!” Adams said. “Who’d have thunk it? … Fine ones, too, that have brought fine new neighbors.”

Elliott Teel, 37, a lawyer and gallery owner, just bought a condo on Grant Street with his girlfriend, Michelle Tham, a 29-year-old energy analyst. “We haven’t been burgled yet,” Tham said hopefully. “Yeah, but we’ve been here literally one night,” Teel added.

Teel and Tham live on the western end of Grant, a block that’s considerably less dense (and less dark at night) than those to the east. Prior to this, they lived at the corner of State and Cumberland for a year, and had no problems. They’re optimistic their luck will continue.