Saturday, October 3, 2009

Save Station A?

The Postal Service may be closing the Post Office at 622 Congress St. (next to CBD). While this Post Office is extremely convenient for me, there are two other Post Offices in walking distance. As reflected in the estimated $7 billion budget shortfall, the Post Office is just not as important as it used to be. And like the countless mill closings throughout the state, you need to look for ways to adapt to the new economic realities instead of trying to cling to an obsolete way of life.
"The plan is part of the Postal Service's effort to close a budget gap nationwide. The Congress Street branch is the only location targeted for closure in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Riley contended that the station is profitable, bringing in revenue of about $330,000 a year, with operating costs of about $137,000.

'The Postal Service is maxed out, but there are bigger battles to fight,' Riley said. 'We are a public service. Closing a place like this hurts our image in the community.'

Tom Rizzo, district communications coordinator for the Postal Service, said Riley's numbers are inaccurate. He said no final decision has been made on closing the station." - Portland Press Herald