Monday, January 11, 2010

Skolnik to Challenge Driving Charges

Perhaps as chairman of the Public Safety Committee he should pay more attention to these things. Press Herald:
"PORTLAND — City Councilor Dan Skolnik says he intends to appear in court on Jan. 26 to contest a charge of operating with a suspended license.

Skolnik said Sunday that he was fined in May 2008 for an overdue inspection on his vehicle. He said he paid his fine but inadvertently neglected to pay a $35 license reinstatement fee. Skolnik was subsequently pulled over and issued a summons for driving after his license was suspended.

He said he received notice of the suspension after the summons was issued, and that he was not aware of his suspended status.

Skolnik said he will challenge the charge because he should have received a notice of suspension from the state.

Skolnik, an attorney, is chairman of the City Council's Public Safety Committee."