Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Bike Shop in Town

Profiled in the Daily Sun, a new bicycle shop has opened on York Street.  Portland Velocipede features "dutch style" bikes meant more for commuting than mountain biking or racing.  Portland may not be Amsterdam, but it is becoming more and bike friendly.
The Dutch-style bicycles carried by the shop are mostly European made, with California-based Linus representing the lone American brand. “There are a lot of larger companies branching out into the market, but we like companies that focus on them,” said Cridler.
Brands sold at Portland Velocipede include Dutch stalwarts Batavus and Gazelle, which have been manufacturing such bikes for over a century.
The Dutch cycle's heavy, solid construction and cruiser-styling allow riders to perch comfortably on their seat and offer a smooth ride. “'Being upright, being able to see around you is so much more comfortable,” said Kitchings.

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* Full disclosure - Portland Velocipede is a client of mine.