Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Burned Bingas Site to be Redeveloped

I'm glad to see something will done with this property. Since the fire in 2008, it's been a stinky (though colorful) mess. The Forecaster reports on the plans -

Bass, who has developed unique living spaces in southern Maine – for example, live/work space for artists – said the so-called "coworking" concept he plans on Congress Street is popular in major cities and provides an alternative for people who would normally work from a home office or coffee shop. The two-story building would have a shared conference room, wifi and a kitchen.

Members could sign up to use the space for a few hours a week or regularly. Bass said the first floor will be an open concept, with desks and other office amenities. Users would have to supply their own computers. The second floor would have small, private offices for people looking for more permanent space.