Monday, November 1, 2010

The Voting Privilege

Many people have argued that voting rights are a privilege that only American citizens should be allowed as a reason for denying immigrates local voting rights.  But looking at he turnout in the last several Portland elections, this is a privilege that is ignored by many.  If voting rights are such an important privilege, then perhaps they should be taken away if you do not use them. 
Current Voter Registration
As of February 12, 2010: 48,560
Historical Voter Turnout
November, 2009 [Municipal and State Referendum (Same Sex Marriage)] - 27,423
November, 2008 (Presidential) - 37,061
June, 2008 (State Primary) - 10, 989
May, 2008 (School Budget) - 3,542
June, 2007 (Special State and Municipal Referendum) - 6,221
November, 2006 [Gubernatorial, State Referendum (TABOR), Municipal] - 22,432
November, 2005 [State Referendum (Equal Rights), Municipal] - 20,746
November, 2004 (Presidential, Special State Referendum [Tax Cap], Municipal - 37,155