Monday, March 5, 2012

EMS Leaving Portland?

While Trader Joe's has brought many people to Marginal Way, it may be too many.  EMS is opening out near the SoPo mall, and presumably closing it's Portland store.  So first Cadillac Mountain Sports, then L.L. Bean, now EMS bail on Portland.  We'll still have Nomads for outdoor gear basics.
BangorDailyNews:  In 2010, Trader Joe’s moved into the space that had previously held a Wild Oats store. Whole Foods had bought the Wild Oats chain; the FTC forced Whole Foods to divest of some of its property, and Trader Joe’s bought that biz in Portland (among others, I believe…) 
The popularity of Trader Joe’s has made parking difficult for all the businesses that surround (and rely on) that 135-space parking lot. Sources say that EMS had been looking for another location – before parking became an issue.