Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mumford & Sons, Eastern Prom 8/4/12

"The State Theatre, which is promoting the event scheduled Aug. 4, anticipates that more than 12,000 people will attend the “Gentlemen of the Road” concert featuring the British band Mumford & Sons.
Organizers hope that the daylong event, on a Saturday, will spill over into the rest of the city by nightfall. For the “after concert party,” smaller, indoor venues would host the local musicians who will be opening acts for Mumford & Sons.
Portland’s City Council approved the concert proposal Monday night by an 8-0 vote. On the advice of its attorney, the council stipulated that the State Theatre agree to a contract detailing conditions that must be met to protect the public’s safety.
Lauren Wayne, general manager of the State Theatre and State Theatre Presents, said she learned two weeks ago that Portland had been chosen as one of only four cities in the United States, and eight worldwide, to host the Mumford & Sons 2012 concert tour." - PressHerald