Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pedicabs Coming

"Maine Pedicab will debut in the coming weeks with a soft launch. Drivers will test out different routes with one to three bike taxis, or "pedicabs," at a time before the eight-cab fleet is unleashed. "The goal is within two months people will see a lot of pedicabs out," says Bruce. The pedicabs look like normal bikes in the front, but the back features a two-person seat. 
Bruce cites streets like Commercial, Congress and Fore and the area surrounding Hadlock Field as potential pedicab hot spots. "Sporting events are a big thing, as well as tourism, cruise ships and the geography of a city," all in Portland's favor, he says. "A very circular, small city where people can walk in a very short time is not a very good pedicab market."
The company's Portland headquarters -- a warehouse space in the East End's Portland Company Building -- will ensure easy access to tourists traipsing through the Old Port or coming off cruise ships." - MaineBiz