Friday, August 10, 2012

Eastland's Plans for Congress Sq Rejected

The new owners of the Eastland Park Hotel planned development on Congress Square has been rejected. It looks like the company will need to come back with a plan that does not take up the entire footprint of the park, or perhaps turn it into a private park that is open to the public (as Andy Graham suggests).  Hopefully the company can come up with a more creative plan, as public funding to redevelop the park is unlikely.  
PressHerald: "The Congress Square Redesign Study Group, which was formed in 2008 to look for ways to improve the park as a public space, was reconvened last year when Rockbridge Capital proposed the new ballroom. On Aug. 1, the group voted 7-2, with two members abstaining, to reject the proposal and focus efforts on redesigning the park. After that vote, Rockbridge asked the city for time to come up with a new proposal. The Housing and Community Development Committee agreed Wednesday."