Thursday, August 23, 2012

Occupy Your Opinion?

While those opposed to the development of Congress Square have succeeded so far in putting off the City's approval of Eastland's proposal, some of the opponents don't want to let you read articles supporting development. Daily Sun:
most of the Aug. 22 issues of "Vex" magazine were suspiciously removed from stands or vandalized, according to Mort Todd, the magazine's publisher. Todd said the article advocating for the square's redevelopment was what led to the magazine's theft, vandalism and redistribution because someone failed to agree with an opposing view on what should happen to the failed public space.... Todd said he thinks that his publication was victimized by members of the Occupy Maine movement who didn't agree with the article's view on Congress Square Park. The Portland-based Occupy group has advocated for the preservation of Congress Square as a public space.