Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scrappy scrap yard

The PressHerald reports on the latest in Bayside. With the Court upholding the City's environmental regulations, two scrap yards in Bayside will face higher costs. One company, E. Perry, has been around a very long time, and does not want to move.
"Portland officials have been working to redevelop Bayside for more than a decade, most recently trying to sell 3.5 acres of former railroad land along Somerset Street for office, residential or retail projects. The council's community development committee expects to review the latest offers Feb. 27, said Councilor Cheryl Leeman, the committee's chairwoman.

E. Perry is across from the year-old Whole Foods Market on Franklin Arterial and Pearl Street, beside the Pearl Place apartment complex being built on Pearl Street, and near the Bayside Trail, planned on the former railroad land.

Portland's new regulations require scrap yards to submit soil and groundwater test results to receive annual operating permits, said Penny Littell, assistant city attorney. Scrap yards also must undergo site plan review if the city's planning division doesn't have a site plan on file.

E. Perry has been in Bayside since 1917, long before the city had zoning, a planning board or a planning division that required site plans."

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