Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Lost ... stomach contents

My girlfriend and I went to The Great Lost Bear on Friday night. It was the second time we had been, and were excited to go back.

Well, things started out ok, and she got the same thing she had last time we went - the veggie patty melt, and of course a beer. Well after eating and having the beer, she suddenly starts feeling bad - really bad, like numb and dizzy. I had hoped that her feeling sick would pass after getting fresh air, but no luck.

After a spending most of the weekend in bed, and not being able to keep much down, she is still hardly able to eat (today is Monday). Don't know what exactly it was, but something she was served at the restaurant was seriously not good.

Anyone else have problems eating there? I have heard mixed reviews about their food, but nothing life threating (ok, an exaggeration, but you do need to be able to keep food down to survive).


Corey Templeton said...

I've been there a couple times without any problems but I have heard mixed reviews also. Hey have you guys moved into your new office space? I walk by it like everyday I think.

SteveG said...

It takes at least a few hours, sometimes days, for the spoiled food toxins to make you sick.
If it was a poison that worked so fast, she would have died eg. botulism, cyanide. Look further back in time for the culprit. It wasn't Lost Bear's food.