Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3G Now Here

This matters to some people. TPile:
"A user named Andy writes in: “Great site I have enjoyed reading the news every day for a few years now. Just wanted to report that AT&T 3G just went live today in Portland Maine (Maine’s biggest city). This is the first AT&T 3G deployment in Maine so it is exciting. I read that AT&T is investing about $15M in upgrading and building out Maine’s AT&T network so this must be part of that. It is great! I just noticed it on my iPhone and a friend of mine confirms he is getting 3G on his iPhone as well.” Andy’s right that AT&T, in August, promised they’d spend $15 million on Maine’s wireless network, including the deployment of HSDPA to 79 cell sites in Cumberland, Sagadahoc and York Counties."

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