Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peon Wanted

I do hope this is a joke:
"I am a tweny-five year old male living downtown portland. Although, I am able-bodied and described by others as having something of a charmed life, I am looking for a personal assistant/life coach to perform menial duties on my behalf throughout the week. The duties may vary from each week and some may include: typing documents, driving me to work, bar, mall, or grocery store, answering my phone calls and managing my internal personal affairs, serve as a liason between myself and other parties, fill out applications for jobs, health insurance, college. You may be asked to clean my apartment or cook something delicious. Maybe organize my Itunes folder and move heavy objects of furniture into my apartment. These would be a few of the tasks I can think of at this time. The job pays $25/week."

1 comment:

Bryan said...

I just assumed it was the doing of Christopher Michael Sullivan.