Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do we want a Trader Joe's?

This (outdated) petition drive has not gotten much traction. I know Trader Joe's is poking around, they just need to find the right spot.
"We ask that Trader Joe's open a store in the Portland, Maine area. Portland has a Wild Oats and a new Whole Foods store opening in 2007. Portland is home to hundreds of excellent restaurants and is constantly listed as having one of the highest restaurant-per-capita in the U.S. People in the Portland area not only love good food, but we also love getting quality products at a good price. With more than half the state's population within a 40 minute drive, Portland is an excellent location with dozens of possible retail locations. The southern Maine area has a vibrant economy, a growing population, and many transplants who have been loyal customers in other areas, especially Boston. We hope that this petition will put Portland, Maine on the short list for a Trader Joe's store."

via BardCoffee